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Osis 4-Play Moulding Paste
Osis Session 300ml
Osis Scream 100ml
Osis Elastic 300ml
OSiS 4-PLAY Moulding Paste
Osis Upload Volume Cream 200ml
Osis Flex Flexible Spray Foam 200ml
Osis Magic Anti-Frizz Serum 50g
Osis Sparkler Shine Spray 250g
Osis Freeze Pump Spray Super Hold 200ml
Osis Bounce Curl Liquid 250ml
Osis Grip Super Hold Mousse 200ml
Osis G Force Extreme Hold Gel 75g
OSiS UPLOAD Volume Cream
Fool around with 4-PLAY. Get creative with complete and Because size does matter. So add pure volume  and a dose
 never-ending re-mouldability of care
CODE 3033 CODE 2382
OSiS SESSION Extreme hold hairspray OSiS FLEXX Flexible Spray-foam
To give absolute control for catwalk styles Blow it your way. Flexible hold plus volume,
CODE 3329 especially for fine hair
OSiS SCREAM All round cream CODE 2371
A moisturiser for your hair. For ultra smooth looks and OSiS MAGIC Anti Frizz Serum
sleek styles with a deep shine No more frizzies. Bring on the super shine gloss.
CODE 2378 CODE 2381
OSiS ELASTIC Flexible hold hairspray OSiS SPARKLER Shine Spray
Gives a soft, supple finish so you can style and re-style Spray on shine when you want to dazzle
CODE 2372 CODE 2604
Osis Thrill Fibre Gum 100g
Osis Squeeze Hold & Shine Gel 100g,Osis Sherbert Spray Wax 100g,Osis Stick Up Hard Wax 75g
Osis Mess Up Matt Gum 100g,Osis Hairbody Style & Care Spray 200ml
OSiS THRILL Fibre Gum OSiS FREEZE Super Hold Pumpspray
Turn it, create it. Super hold and defination. Pump it and forget it. Your hair is going nowhere
Thrils no spills CODE 2375
CODE 2369 OSiS BOUNCE Curl Liquid
OSiS SQUEEZE Hold & Shine Gel For bounce that don’t quit. Curl vitalization for lightweight 
A double dose of styling action. Strong hold meets free-moving hair
shine and texture CODE 2373
CODE 2364 OSiS GRIP Super Hold Mousse
OSiS SHERBET Spray Wax Grip it! Be firm with this long lasting hold
A cool crackling styling sensation for wax fans CODE 2376
CODE 2367 OSiS G.FORCE Extreme Hold Gel
OSiS STICK UP Hard Wax Take it to the limit. Extreme control. Extreme style
Control freaks unite! This is texture, hard and fast
Osis Slick 200ml
CODE 2383
CODE 2366 OSiS SLICK Flattening Liquid
OSiS MESS UP Matt Gum For lasting flat effect with moisturising and 
Bring on the rough stuff! Mess it up and mould your matt finish smoothing properties
CODE 245 CODE 2370
OSiS HAIRBODY Style & Care Spray
Osis Shape 50ml
Osis Fabricate 100ml
No more fly-away hair. Prepare yourself for light hold and For defination, versatility and super shine
added volume CODE 2380
Osis Shockfroster
Osis Flatliner
CODE 2374 OSiS FABRICATE Pure Texture Light Cream
OSiS SHOCKFROSTER Hair Styling Strips A weightless pure texture light - cream that creates
A revolutionary innovation, strong hold gel strips that can be pure and incredible texture
used anytime anywhere CODE 2377
CODE 125
An ultra smoothing serum, to be used with straightening irons
up to 200oC with 30% longer lasting results
CODE 1849
OSiS SURF UP Sea Breeze
For a saltwater beach look with wind tousled testure
CODE 3031
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