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REPAIR RESCUE - damaged, bleached hair MOISTURE KICK - dry, naturally coarse
Repair Shampoo
Moisture Shampoo
Restructures damaged  hair from within Provides ideal moisture balance re-hydrate hair
250ml 2810 1.25L 2807 250ml 2819 1.25L 2818
Repair Conditioner Moisture Spray Conditioner
Restructures damaged hair, improves shine Provides ideal moisture
200ml 2809 1L 2808 200ml 2820 400ml 2821
Total Repair Treatment Moisture Treatment
Intensively re-contructs damaged hair structure Intensive regeneration of dry. Coarse hair structure
200ml 2827 750ml 2829 200ml 2822
Smooth Express Curl Bounce Cream
Treatment for express restructuring care for damaged hair Moisturises and activates waves and curls
10 x 15ml 2834 100ml 2823
Sealed Ends
Repairs hair breakage, seals and prevent split ends SMOOTH CONTROL - frizzy unmanageable hair
75ml 2387
Smoothing Shampoo
Enzyme Extract Treatment Smoothes down and protects from static flyaway
Exfoliating pre-treatment for repairing external hair structure 250ml 2813 1.25L 2811
150ml 2828 750ml 2831 Smoothing Conditioner
Collagen Therapy Smoothes and protects hair
Intensive regeneration of inner hair structure to natural elasticity 200ml 2814 1L 2812
100ml 2874 750ml 2832
Smooth Shine Serum
Capsules containing concentrated serum
COLOR SAVE - colour treated hair 15 x 1ml 2830
Color Save Shampoo
Seals and protects coloured hair against colour fade LIGHT VOLUME - volume to fine hair
250ml 2795 1.25L 2793
Light Volume Shampoo
Color Save Conditioner Gentle volumising care without overburdening
Seals and protects hair from colour fade 250ml 2816 1.25L 2815
200ml 2796 1L 2794 Light Volume Conditioner
Color Spray Conditioner Gentle Volumising care without overburdening
A light leave-in-cond and maintains colour hair 200ml 2817
200ml 2798
Color Save Treatment HAIR & SCALP EXPERT - imbalanced scalp
Intensivley regenerates coloured, damaged hair structure
Deep cleansing Shampoo
200ml 2799 750ml 2797 Cleanses hair and scalp
True Silver Shampoo 250ml 2825 1.25L 2824
For lightened, bleached and grey hair, neutralises yellow tones Dandruff Control Shampoo
250ml 2801 Relieves hair and scalp from dandruff effectively
Color Care Injection 250ml 2826
Concentrated treatment for coloured hair
100ml 2800 12 x 10ml 2833
Color Infusion 100ml
copper 2805 red 2804
brown 2802 silver 2806
violet 2803
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