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                  Beautiful Hair Needs an EXPERT
Delva ph Balance Shampoo 250ml
pH Balance range for Normal Hair natural light firm ultra
Shampoo 250g 220
Highly concentrated, enriched with refined lanolin High Hair Crystal Styler 100ml,High Hair Designer Spray 250g,High Hair Finishing Spray Firm 400g,High Hair Finishing Spray Ultra 400g,High Hair Add Some Body 100ml,High Hair Styling Mousse Firm 100ml
MAGIC VOLUME - Volume building
Conditioner 220g 3482 Crystal Styler 200ml 373
Wheat protein penetrates deep into the hair structure Strengthens hair fibres
Finishing Spray
Delva Moisturiser Shampoo 250ml
Delva Moisturiser Conditioner 220g
Moisturising Infusion ~Light Control 400g 3495
Shampoo 250ml 3500 ~Firm Control 200g 3001
Combining science and nature, optimising your hair's capacity ~Ultra Control 400g 995
Conditioner 220g 3501 Add Some body 200ml 3003
Pro-vitamin B5 derivatives protect against heat styling Volumise to the max.
Delva Colour Shampoo 250ml,Delva Colour Conditioner 220g
Styling Mousse - Firm 300ml 261
Colourlast - Coloured Hair Volume and control 
Shampoo 250ml 195
Trichological formula maintain moisture balance AMAZING MOVEMENT - Enhances curl
Conditioner 220g
High Hair Jelly Waver 100ml
High Hair Crackle Wax 150g,High Hair Ocean Spritz 100ml
Jelly Waver 100ml 3364
Proteins and panthenol seal and protect against heat styling Models curls perfectly on dry hair
Crackle Wax 150ml 365
Volume range for Fine Hair Light control styling wax 
Delva Volume Shampoo 250ml Delva Volume Conditioner 220g
Shampoo 250ml 3502 Oceon Sprizz 200ml 2997
Lightweight amplifying cleanser Perfect for a beach hair look
Conditioner 220g 3503
Formulated for volume and fullness High Hair Sleek Wonder 100ml,High Hair Gloss Serum 75ml
Sleek Wonder 100ml 2998
Delva Spray Sheen 175g,Delva Revitalising Crème 250g,Delva Protein Moisturiser 220g,Delva Express Treatment 200g,Delva Intense Treatment 25g,Delva Revitalising Treatment 1Ltr
Leave - In Treatments Straightening cream to tame all hair textures
Spray Sheen Treatment 175g 1361 Gloss Serum 75ml 207
Non-greasy, formulated to replace natural oils Ultra shine spray for all hair types and styles
Revitalising Crème 250g 3504
Penetrating to hair's core, infusing silk amino acids FREE STYLE
Protein Hair Moisturiser 220g High Hair Brilliant Affair 100ml,High Hair Bouncy Dip 100ml,High Hair Punk Chic 100ml,High Hair Ends Up 100ml,High Hair Pearl Styler 100ml,High Hair Flubber Gel 125ml
Briliant Affair 100g 2431
wheat protein for strength leaving hair lustrous Shine pomade for strands of whole head
Bouncy Dip 75ml 2432
Rinse - Out Treatments Gum gel for creatives styles with light hold
Express Treatment 150G 2440 Punc Chic 100ml 2999
30 second instant damage remover Styling paste for matt look and light hold
Intense Treatment 25g 3506 Ends Up 50ml 2458
Proteins & silicon for very dry and damaged hair Moisture and shine right to the ends
Revitalising Treatment 1L 3507 Pearl Styler 100ml 368
Perfect treatment for dry and damage hair Gel that moulds, giving pearlised shine
Flubber 125ml 376
Delva SolarCare Shampoo 250ml,Delva SolarCare Moisturiser 220g
Delva SolarCare Shea Mask 100g
Solarcare Protection Arcylic-like gel with ultra control and shine
Shampoo 250ml 3508
Purifying cleanser counteracts dehydration
Leave - In Moisturiser 220g 221
Protects against dryness, frizz, flyaway
Leave - In Restructurant 150ml 1768
Moisturiser, adds volume and vibrancy
Intense Shea Mask 100g 2437
Shea butter and Aloe Vera sooth scalp
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